A Fan Girl’s Guide to Britain

I just returned from a fabulous trip across the pond where some friends and I had many adventures in England, Ireland, and Wales. We found lots of fun photo ops that were motivated by our mutual love for movies and television. In the event you find yourself traveling in the UK and are in need of some pop culture inspiration, you might want to consider some of these British entertainment adventures.

For Harry Potter Fans:

Of course London is riddled with J.K. Rowling’s hero’s haunts and you can even take “Muggle tours” to get the full Harry experience (but not, apparently on Wednesdays, our only free day there). Denied the tour because of unfortunate timing yet being the intrepid fans that we are, we headed to King’s Cross Station one evening to find the magical Platform 9 ¾ where wizarding students can catch the Hogwarts Express. Continue reading


London Calling

To my faithful fans (all two of you): so sorry for my unintentional hiatus from posting of late. Sadly I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging. Real life things like work and the new fall TV schedule (ok, so not exactly “real life”) have been distracting me. I have several unfinished posts, but just not as much uninterrupted, quality writing time as I would like to polish them. Perhaps procrastination plays a role, but I’m unable to confirm or deny such rumours… Continue reading

Olympics in Film

Like most of the world these days, I’m glued to my various screens for coverage of the 2012 London Olympics. I love the spectacle, the competition, the heartbreak, the implausible victories, the personal triumphs, and all the pomp and ceremony. Since I can never get enough Olympic drama, I decided to write about a few of my favourite Olympic-themed films (in no particular order). When I started this post I fully intended to include movies involving Winter Games sports as well, but the list was just too long… thought I’d dangle that carrot so you’ll keep reading until 2014… but for now, let’s stick to all things Summer Games. Enjoy! Continue reading