Nerdapalooza: Out of this World Movie Costumes

I had the most awesome day on Saturday at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax. In addition to the usual land and marine life dioramas and exhibits, this summer the museum featured the traveling exhibit, Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television. I’ve been anxious to get there all summer, and on this the last weekend, I finally made it along with Krista (from over at Bite-sized Travel – you can read her post on our visit here), L-A (from Fashionable People, Questionable Things), and another (non-blogger, but still very fun) friend. Continue reading


The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Through the Years

Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight Rises”
Photograph: Allstar/Warner Bros/Sportsphoto Ltd (Source)

So this week I had a fantastic time hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend in Whitby, Ontario and we had a Batman mini-marathon starting with “The Dark Knight” in preparation for seeing him “Rise”. I confess that I didn’t remember a lot about “The Dark Knight” other than Heath Ledger’s artful and disturbing performance as the Joker and that it was action packed. The plot itself was a little muddy in my mind now four years later and, because Christopher Nolan’s series is intended as one continuous story, it was good that I had the refresher. Continue reading