Popcorn Friends

Other Movie-themed blogs and sites you might enjoy:

Roger Ebert’s Journal – The quintessential voice on all things film – now, always, and forever.

The Reelist – Archive of quality movie-related articles and pics from around the web.

Atlantic Film Festival – Homepage for our local film festival that happens in September.

MikesFilmTalk – Informative film-related articles and opinion pieces on celebrity culture.

Keith and the Movies – Tons of insightful commentary and reviews from new releases to classics.

Flix Chatter – Lots of fun reviews and film event news.


Here you can find other interesting, funny, talented, and clever folks getting their blog on about all kinds of topics. Check them out!

Bite-Sized Travel – Fantastic photos and travel tips both international and local.

Couchtime With Jill – The art of TV watching with great recaps and episode reviews.

Fashionable People, Questionable Things – All things fashion, pop culture, and shoe porn.

The Local Traveler NS – Exploring NS through adventures, food, and wine.

Running in a Hanbok – Touching personal stories of a NS girl living and loving in Korea.

Loni Found Herself – Posts about the pursuit of happiness through art, travel, food, and family.



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