I Could Totally Be Friends With Helen Mirren…

Is there anyone cooler than Helen Mirren?

Recently, a friend of mine shared this Vanity Fair piece where Helen Mirren responds to the Proust Questionnaire. In it she responds to revealing personality questions and says lots of interesting and down-to-earth stuff. Apparently the thing she values most in her friends is “their ability to open a bottle of wine”. (I might just have a shot!) Continue reading


Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, Popcorn Dinner just turned one recently. After 28 posts, 4 blog awards, and approximately 2750 views, I’m quite happy with my little experiment. I’m not sure how I’m “doing” in any objectively measurable standard of hobby blogging (if one exists), but I have my little core group of faithful followers and have settled into a fairly manageable routine of posting about once a month. I recognize that if I was more active, I would probably get more traffic, but I choose not to worry about such things. If I did, I think it would start to feel a little like work instead of the pleasant diversion from the daily grind that it affords. Continue reading

Who Would Play Her in a Movie?

Yesterday would’ve been my Nannie’s 91st birthday. She died almost two years ago after a long, rich life full of family, travel, community service, music, baking, love, and laughter. As a family we went through some old pictures to compile a scrapbook in celebration of her life and I discovered many photos that I had never seen, especially of her early years. Every so often, I’d find one and think, “Wow – Nannie looks like a movie star!” I was inspired to do a post where I try to cast the role of my Nan in the story of her life, even though she was one-of-a-kind. Continue reading

Luck of the Irish

It’s been awhile, dear friends, but never fear, Popcorn Dinner is back! Ages ago I did a post about my favourite English movies promising more movie snapshots from the British Isles in the future. The time is now! I dubbed March “Irish Movie Month” (and yes, I recognize it’s now almost May, but that’s sometimes how long these things take) and had loads of fun watching a bunch of films with a distinctly Irish flavour. I’ve never actually been to Ireland – an oversight from my time living in the UK that I hope to rectify someday soon – but here’s an overview of what I’ve learned about the country from the movies, whatever your mood or preferences… Continue reading

A Bad Case of Oscar Blahs

Is it just me, or were the Oscars especially dull this year? This seems to be a common complaint about recent ceremonies. Perhaps my expectations are just too high? But it hasn’t always been this way. Remember the days when the Oscars were fun?

The over-the-top winning moments… Continue reading

“Do You Want to Play a Game?”: Favourite Movie Board Games

So friends, this month I have taken it upon myself to share some thoughts on what makes a good movie board game. I love games – grew up playing board games, card games, video games – and even now enjoy a good, old-fashioned “game night” with friends and family. But it’s hard to find good movie-related games. You need something that appeals to a wide range of movie knowledge levels and preferably something with some recent content. Movie trivia games become out-of-date quickly and the more specific they get (i.e. games about a particular movie or franchise), the more obscure and esoteric the questions. Continue reading

Awards Season Round-up

First of all, faithful readers, I have an announcement to make – I think the weekly posting idea has proved a tad optimistic and for the new year, I’m going to aim for posting about once a month. My lack of time for movie-blogging has also carried over as lack of time for movie-watching – usually by now I would have seen at least 75% of the top nominees. I’m nowhere near that this year, which makes it hard to render opinions as to winners. So I’m going to flounder my way through the practically mandatory film blog “predictions” post, even without seeing the majority of nominees. Continue reading