“Um… who’s Jeff Goldblum?”

Recently, I came across a man in my community who is Jeff Goldblum’s vocal doppelganger. He looks absolutely nothing like him at all, but seriously, if you close your eyes and just listen to him talk, you would swear Jeff Goldblum was in the room. I was quite taken with this phenomenon and mentioned it (with barely contained enthusiasm) to some co-workers who also know this man. They smiled politely and nodded a little, laughing uncomfortably. I said, “You don’t think so?” and after a brief pause one brave soul asked, “Who’s Jeff Goldblum?” He was not the only one – others were equally perplexed. Continue reading


I Could Totally Be Friends With Helen Mirren…

Is there anyone cooler than Helen Mirren?

Recently, a friend of mine shared this Vanity Fair piece where Helen Mirren responds to the Proust Questionnaire. In it she responds to revealing personality questions and says lots of interesting and down-to-earth stuff. Apparently the thing she values most in her friends is “their ability to open a bottle of wine”. (I might just have a shot!) Continue reading

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Stockard Channing


After taking yet another unintentional hiatus from blogging, I thought I’d try something a little different and begin a series of Actor Profiles where I extol the virtues of my all-time favourite actors. For me, there is no better place to begin than Stockard Channing. If she had been around during the 40s, she would’ve referred to as a “tough broad” or a “swell dame”. Her career bio is a diverse and varied range of interesting and unique acting challenges. She seems to have a particular talent for playing strong, yet vulnerable characters with bold dignity and a sharp wit. Continue reading