Guest Post: Aliens, Birds & Things

Thanks to Bite-sized travel for hosting my non-movie related content this week!

Bite-sized Travel

Friends, you are in for a treat today. Film blogger extraordinaire and long-time bestie Janet of Popcorn Dinner took a trip to Nova Scotia’s South Shore to settle one of our province’s most mysterious mysteries: whether UFOs visited in 1967.

This summer, I enlisted my Mom to make a pilgrimage to Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Located on the very tip of the province’s South Shore, Shag Harbour was the site of a certified UFO incident on October 4, 1967 and the subject of considerable interest for locals and sci-fi aficionados alike. She was keen to come to do some birding as that part of the province is prime for migratory shorebird sightings you may not see anywhere else. So we headed off in search of flying objects, of both the unidentified and identifiable varieties.

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