New Quote Page

As an added bonus this week, I thought I would create a new page of movie-related quotes and things. I kind of have a constantly growing collection of quotes on all subjects from all sorts of sources: books, movies, TV, articles, lectures, interviews, my endlessly amusing friends… Basically, since high school (which, if you’ve been reading along, you know was around 20 years ago) I’ve jotted down things I’ve read or heard that I liked – that resonated, that provoked, that made me think or laugh. These jottings have predictably accumulated over the years to what now amounts to a word doc that is over 130 pages long. Yes, I am a complete and utter word geek. And now I finally have an audience with whom to share my obsessions. Lucky you!

Therefore, I have lots of material to choose from for a page featuring memorable lines from film as well as a number of quotes by filmmakers and critics about the filmmaking process and the value of same that I think are kind of cool. They’re not necessarily the most famous lines, just little snippets that have stuck with me over the years. I’ve also narrowed them down to quotes that, even when taken out of the context of the film in which they were said, still say something interesting about life, love, and people. Please, feel free to comment and suggest your own favourites as well. This page will be a work in progress that I will likely update from time to time. Check it out – I hope you find something on the Quote page that you like!


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