I Love Movies

Now, when you say that to someone, it’s kind of like saying, “I love ice cream”. Well, who doesn’t like ice cream (other than those who suffer the ill effects of lactose intolerance)? There are so many different flavours, textures, serving options (sprinkles or nuts?) – there is literally something for everyone. Like movies. When you tell someone you love movies, they generally respond with an enthusiastic “Me too!” and it’s an instant rapport. What often becomes painfully clear within the next five to ten minutes of discussion is that this bond over a mutual love of movies is conditional. People say they love movies when what they really mean is they casually enjoy movies, like they’ve had a series of one-night stands with movies. However, movies and I are in a long-term, committed relationship.

Let me be clear. When I say, “I love movies” I mean, “I go to the movie theatre at least once a week.” I mean, “I’ve seen every Oscar nominated film for the past 15 years”. I mean,“I refuse to turn off Ishtar because I want to bask in the glory of its awfulness”. I love movies like Homer Simpson loves donuts. I literally can’t think of another way I’d rather spend a random afternoon (preferably in the middle of the week) than to grab some popcorn and sit in the dark staring at a 22-foot screen. I read books and magazines about movies and watch all the “making of” features on my thorough collection of DVDs (yes, despite digital technology I still collect my favourites on DVD and even have some relics on VHS).  When an iconic actor/actress/director dies, I make a point to watch their work to honour their passing – recently I’ve re-watched When Harry Met Sally (Nora Ephron), Roots: The Next Generation (Andy Griffith), and Marty (Ernest Borgnine), may they rest in peace and live on in celluloid. I love old movies and new movies, from mainstream blockbusters to indie foreign films. At the risk of outing myself as a complete and total movie nerd (if I haven’t already), I actually keep a running list of all the movies I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. By decade. I admit to being a tad obsessed.

This is a blog for people who love movies like I love movies.

This is NOT a review blog… don’t come to me for advice on what you should see and what you shouldn’t. As David Gilmour said in his book, The Film Club: “Picking movies for people is a risky business. In a way it’s as revealing as writing someone a letter. It shows how you think, it shows what moves you, sometimes it can even show how you think the world sees you.” And, to be clear, I like lots of movies that I know are not grand cinematic achievements. I also don’t get a lot of the ones that are (yes Citizen Kane, I’m talking to you). But I do think I have some sense of what makes a “good” movie good and what makes a “bad” one bad. I am not really of the “film-as-art” school of thought (although it certainly can be and I appreciate it when it is), but I’m more in the “film-as-entertainment” camp. I go to the movies to be entertained, regardless of whether or not they are artistic masterpieces. I also see movies as both a product of and a contribution to evolving social norms and cultural ideas / ideals. Movies are often characterized as escapism, and while this can certainly be the case (gloriously so), I think they can also be a mirror of our hopes, fears, and longings at a particular point in time. My love of movies exists at all of these levels.

This is a blog about my movie-going experiences – the good, the bad, and everything in-between. My philosophy is that movie watching should be an event: it’s as much about how and when you see it as the movie itself. Where you saw it and with whom and how old you were when you first discovered it or subsequently revisited it will all shape your relationship with a particular movie. Whether seeing a film for the first time or the 31st time, I want to share my movie journeys with others. Because as much as I love going to the movies by myself (and I DO!), like ice cream, movies are best when they’re shared.

So welcome to Popcorn Dinner! I will post again soon and regularly – probably about once a week (possibly more often once I get the hang of this). Thanks for visiting and come back soon!



This is me – more dressed up than usual, but still me.


6 thoughts on “I Love Movies

  1. Great first post! What did you think of the book “The Film Club”? It’s been a while since I read it now, but I remember being disappointed by it. If I remember correctly, I thought that the author wrote the memior in the tone of having succeeded with his project, when really it seemed like the kid was going off the rails and only sorted out his life later.

    • Thanks, Jill! Funny you say that about “The Film Club” – I remember being a bit disappointed too, but found it hard to really pinpoint why. I was kind of left wanting more… he comes to no real conclusions or resolutions, which normally I kind of like in a book, but I kept waiting for him to take a position on the whole thing that never really came. There was lots of good stuff about their relationship and how the project takes that to new levels, but I think I should’ve been more into it than I actually was.

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